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Terms and X11

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windowmaker 0.62.1
Info: Re-packaged and fixed, includes Extras.
Size: 5084kDownloads: 5213
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
rxvt 2.6.3
Info: Much better terminal for X11.
Size: 864kDownloads: 4064
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
Midnight Commander 4.5.54
Info: Combined Unix shell and text mode, Norton Commander style file manager.
Size: 4372kDownloads: 9758
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gnome.org/mc/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: gettext 0.10.39, libiconv 2.0.4
GKrellM 1.2.1
Info: System monitor. (mostly non-function, try xmonitor.forked.net for an osx native application)
Size: 1024kDownloads: 2387
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gkrellm.net/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: imlib 1.9.10-2
enlightenment 0.16.5
Info: A very slick and powerful Window Manager for X.
Size: 11160kDownloads: 3577
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.enlightenment.org/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: dlcompat 20010701, eSound 0.2.22, fnlib 0.5, freetype 1.3.1, glib 1.2.10, GTK 1.2.10, imlib 1.9.10-2, libghttp 1.0.9, libintl
Eterm 0.8.10
Info: Very configurable, color terminal emulator intended as a replacement for xterm.
Size: 1372kDownloads: 4262
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.eterm.org/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: imlib 1.9.10-2
Fvwm 1.2.4
Info: X Window Manager. Add "/usr/local/X11/bin/fvwm" to ~/.xinitrc to use in X11.
Size: 4200kDownloads: 2705
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Jul 01, 2001Requires: None.
XFree86 4.1
Info: X11 Server.
Size: 29500kDownloads: 5679
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.xfree86.org/
Date: Jul 01, 2001Requires: glib 1.2.10, GTK 1.2.10

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