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For In-Depth information on installing and using unix based applications, and the answer to virtually any problem you may be having, see our Bulletin Board or go to MacOSX.org.

We have begun distributing applications with Apple's package (.pkg) installer.

  1. Decompress/untar the archive.
  2. Double-Click the AppName.pkg file to install.

Some of our packages have custom installers that we created. To install type these commands:

  1. tar -zxf ProgramName.tar.gz
  2. cd ProgramName
  3. ./install.sh

Thats its!

A few of our applications use their original installers. This includes; lynx and ssh.

You must have Developer Tools to install these.

  1. tar -zxf ProgramName.tar.gz
  2. cd ProgramName
  3. make install