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Bochs 2.0.2
Info: x86 Emulator. Run other operating systems like DOS, Windows, Redhat etc. You must download an image file for this to work.
Size: 1600kDownloads: 7075
Added By: ob1Homepage: http://bochs.sourceforge.net/
Date: Mar 05, 2004Requires: None.
mutella 0.4.3
Info: Gnutella client with intuitive and easy to use CLI & Web interfaces.
Size: 1870kDownloads: 3320
Added By: apexHomepage: http://mutella.sourceforge.net/
Date: Jun 01, 2003Requires: None.
Info: rdesktop is an open source client for Windows NT Terminal Server and Windows 2000 Terminal Services, capable of natively speaking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in order to present the user's NT desktop. Requires an X Windowing system.
Size: 128kDownloads: 5288
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.rdesktop.org/
Date: Apr 20, 2002Requires: None.
UnRTF 0.18.1
Info: GNU UnRTF is a command-line converter from RTF (Rich Text) to HTML, LaTeX and plain text.
Size: 124kDownloads: 4453
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.geocities.com/tuorfa/unrtf.html
Date: Jan 09, 2002Requires: None.
texinfo 4.0
Info: Reads documentation in Info format.
Size: 688kDownloads: 2257
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
xplanet 0.83
Info: Renders images of the earth and other planets into the background of your X11 Window Manager.
Size: 2024kDownloads: 2949
Added By: apexHomepage: http://xplanet.sourceforge.net/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: glib 1.2.10, GTK 1.2.10
tar 1.13
Info: Archiving Utility. This version fixes problems the version included in Mac OS X had.
Size: 476kDownloads: 3083
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gnu.org/software/tar/tar.html
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
stat 2.5
Info: Shows file attributes.
Size: 32kDownloads: 3315
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
screen 3.9.9
Info: Window manager which shares one terminal between several processes, usually shells
Size: 336kDownloads: 4729
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gnu.org/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
Info: Converts Rich Text Format documents to HTML.
Size: 56kDownloads: 2531
Added By: apexHomepage: http://recycle.50megs.com/rtf2htm.html
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
pkg-remove 0.3
Info: Removes Apple package installations, such as the ones on this site. Now runs via a GUI.
Size: 16kDownloads: 8295
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.forked.net/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
bash 2.05
Info: Bourne Again Shell. Easy yet powerful unix shell.
Size: 708kDownloads: 8999
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: gettext 0.10.39, libdl, libhistory, libiconv 2.0.4
ispell 3.1
Info: Screen-oriented spelling checker.
Size: 948kDownloads: 2827
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
gnupg 1.0.6
Info: GNU alternative to PGP.
Size: 1500kDownloads: 2454
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.gnupg.org
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
colored ls
Info: A colorized version of ls. Usage: ls --color
Size: 116kDownloads: 5225
Added By: ob1Homepage:
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
bzip2 1.0.1
Info: Lossless data compressor.
Size: 160kDownloads: 2772
Added By: apexHomepage: http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/bzip2/
Date: Oct 22, 2001Requires: None.
Info: Recursive grep.
Size: 120kDownloads: 2464
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Jul 01, 2001Requires: None.
Info: Enhanced Disk Usage reporter.
Size: 72kDownloads: 2696
Added By: ob1Homepage: http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/fileutils
Date: Jun 27, 2001Requires: None.
UnRAR 2.50
Info: xtracts, views and tests the contents of an RAR archive.
Size: 32kDownloads: 4976
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Jun 26, 2001Requires: None.
screen 3.7.4+ANSI
Info: Runs processes in the background, re-attachable.
Size: 96kDownloads: 2611
Added By: apexHomepage:
Date: Jun 25, 2001Requires: None.

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